Pay Phoo Hlwar for your business

Any difficulties to spread about your business to world? Want to be alive your website? Want to know which part of your business on your website is the most famous and want to get the analytic reports? We are servicing all for you. It is Pay Phoo Hlwar.

Software Development Hub

We provide software development service as well as IT Solution Provider for Government organizations and SMEs.

HR Development for IT

Providing Job Training to fresh graduates, post-graduates and pre-graduates, we are filling the gap between Academics and Business organization.

We named it "Project Facets".

You may want to choose IrraHub. Why?

IrraHub is a place where you can get your requirements and needs of your business to convert from manual process to IT process.

Knowledge Bank of IrraHub

You can read our internal news, can learn about IT technologies and latest updates.
UCSY Internship Program
IrraHub will play a role as a default partner in UCSY Internship Program – 2017

IrraHub announced as a default partner of UCSY Internship Program 2017. Today our IrraHub team ...

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